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Nathan Fillion and Jimmy Kimmel Talk Lightsabers, the Impossibility of Coolness

Earlier this week, Nathan Fillion — a.k.a. Richard Castle, a.k.a. Captain Mal — appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his show Castle, the season finale for which is airing on May 17th, and which made plenty of Fillion fans happy when it was recently renewed for a third season on ABC.

As with all good talk show interviews, the ‘promotion’ part was but a dim light in the background: Mostly, the interview consisted of Nathan Fillion telling geeky anecdotes. When Jimmy Kimmel chided Fillion for being possibly the only adult male who mail-ordered an extremely realistic toy lightsaber online (yes, there is a story behind this) who actually knows and interacts with women, Fillion — who is a known cool person — replied with his thoughts on the impossibility of attaining coolness:

Here’s part one of the Fillion/Kimmel interview:

And part two:

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