Natalie Portman Reveals She Actually Punched Tom Hiddleston

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Comic Book Movie’s recent interview with Natalie Portman contains a number of hopeful tidbits about Thor: The Dark World for folks who like their ladies in superhero films. And who like seeing villains get their comeuppance.

Portman began by acknowledging that her character Jane Foster will have a more proactive role in the sequel: “Yes, she’s really helping,” says Portman. “But not in like a physical superhero way, but her scientific understanding kind of helps understand what’s going on with the correspondence of different worlds with each other.” This meant that Portman didn’t have to undergo the physical training of her co-stars, but it doesn’t mean she didn’t have any homework: “I watched a lot of physics videos and tried to understand what my lines meant. (laughs) That was my preparation. But I don’t really have any action in it.”

Foster notably journeys to Asgard with her paramour Thor (look, I tried for paraThor, but it just doesn’t read properly), and Portman was particularly excited at one particularly possibility of this plot development: that she would get to share scenes with Sir Anthony Hopkins (Odin). “It was crazy. I was very intimidated, but luckily he’s one of the kindest people I have ever met.” Another first meeting in the film occurs between Jane Foster and Loki, and judging by the trailer, it isn’t the friendliest. Portman told Comic Book Movie that there’s no movie magic there:

It was actually a punch. We did a few that were fake, but they could tell because I am just bad at that. (laughs) So there were a few real ones because they were like, ‘you are just a little girl, you really can’t hurt him’. So I don’t know, he acted like he could handle it, but I think I actually hurt him.

CBM also asks Portman whether she’d rather be a Marvel superhero than the love interest of one, and while she doesn’t exactly come down on one side of the issue or another, she does admit that taking the role of Jane Foster has locked her in in some ways. You can read the whole interview at Comic Book

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