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NASA Spacecraft Catches a Massive Solar Eruption on Video

What have we done to displease the Sun gods?

NASA periodically catches video of solar flares shooting out of the sun, but this wave of hot plasma ripping across the sun’s surface to create a solar storm is unimaginably huge. If you look closely at the video, the 372,823-mile dark plasma filament (long enough to wrap around the Earth 47 times) erupts and lets out a wave that covers a good distance of the top half of the sun. For reference, the moon is about 238,000 miles from Earth; so while the eruption looks small with the sun shrunken down to fit on your computer screen, it happened on a mind-bogglingly large scale. According to, the charged particles in the coronal mass ejection will just glance the Earth as they pass by tomorrow, and they’ll probably produce some eye-pleasing aurorae. Keep your eyes peeled for more beautiful pictures and Vines from the ISS astronauts tomorrow. (via blastr, image Courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams) Previously in space

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