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The Narnia Movies Just Got an Unexpected Reboot


I know the Chronicles of Narnia movies didn’t do super well at the box office. Also, I kinda forgot that those Chronicles of Narnia film adaptations existed? (Besides the 1990s BBC adaptations — I remember those ones.) It sounds like the creative team feels the same way, because they’re about to reboot the whole project as of The Silver Chair, which is the next movie in production from the Narnia team.

That Narnia team is changing a lot, though. Producer Mark Gordon told Collider that The Silver Chair is “going to be a brand new franchise” with “different directors” and “an entire new team.”

There are a lot of good reasons to do that, namely that all the kids from the first movies might look a little too old now to play their original characters. Then again, if they’re only adapting the later Narnia books from here on, then that won’t matter, because those books feature a lot of different characters anyway.

Which is your favorite Narnia book? Are you excited to see an adaptation of The Silver Chair? What other books do you hope the team manages to do? Are you sad that the other Chronicles movies didn’t do too well and that I can’t really remember anything about them? Did you also watch the BBC adaptations as a child and get emotionally scarred by Eustace turning into a dragon?

Lastly, isn’t it weird that a pre-X-Men James McAvoy played Mr. Tumnus (refer to adorable gif above)? I totally forgot about that.

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