Myst Speedrun in 1:45

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Developed by CyanMyst, a puzzle-adventure game that was first released in 1993 then subsequently ported to just about every other platform imaginable, was actually the best-selling PC game of all time until The Sims came along and dethroned the frustrating-yet-fun adventure game (with various other games eventually toppling Myst’s record as well).

The Myst series is probably best known for being difficult, but that didn’t stop YouTube user Guptill89 from completing a speedrun in 1 minute and 45 seconds, which was actually topped by another YouTube user, Arkarian01, because his speedrun was played on a computer that could load faster, which is posted past the break.

Arkarian01’s speedrun would’ve apparently been shorter, but the version of the game being played contained unskippable cutscenes:

Does anyone else find it interesting that speedruns are limited by the machines on which the games are hosted, or am I the only dork big enough to ponder this?

(via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

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