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Bakugo and Eri Own My Entire Heart in This My Hero Academia: School Briefs Cover

This cover's quirk is wholesomeness.

My Hero Academia Cherry Blossom

My Hero Academia has branched off into a handful of different manga series. Some have key plot points that end up impacting the entire story (Vigilantes) while others, like School Days, are cute little side stories that, frankly, give the main characters a chance to unwind and focuses more on the “academia” in the title compared to the regularly scheduled “villains are here and society is getting turned upside down.”

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Stories like the ones in School Days work within the series, but you’re not missing any vital plot points if you don’t read it.

Apparently, there’s extremely wholesome content to get all teary-eyed over, like what’s being illustrated on the cover to the upcoming “Cherry Blossoms” light novel.





While this announcement isn’t for a release in the U.S., the series IS being licensed by Viz, so we can assume that this book will be available here at some point. Honestly, all the covers are adorable, but this “Cherry Blossoms” one?


There’s a lot to love about this cover. The sakura petal covering Mineta (lol). Deku continuing to be on-brand with those red shoes even if everyone is sticking to a clear color pattern. But the thing that has most My Hero Academia fans melting into a pile of awwwww (myself included) is Bakugo and Eri doing the same pose.

This isn’t the first time Eri and Bakugo have crossed paths. A couple of months ago there was a My Hero Academia art exhibit in Japan. According to, My Hero Academia: Drawing Smash gave fans the opportunity, “to not only see new art from creator Kohei Horikoshi, but several other famous manga creators test out their skills with characters in the UA Academy universe.”

One of the pieces included a picture of Eri dressed as Bakugo.

Eri-chan Kacchan?

My heart is soaring to new heights!

Besides the obvious serotonin boost this cover gives me, it also fits with how the characters have been treating Eri throughout the series. After everything that Eri’s been through with Overhaul, it’s clear that everyone is trying their best to help her adjust to her new life of freedom. Considering the amount of abuse she’s dealt with, it’s an understandably slow process, but everyone (teachers and students) is patient and kind to her.

There are scenes where characters will kneel down to speak to her so she can look at them at eye level, and fans have noticed how some (like Mirio) will mimic her movements when she’s excited about something, encouraging her to express herself.

While Eri and Bakugo haven’t spoken directly to each other, she has interacted with Class 1-A, and was even enamored with them after the concert they put on in the fourth season.

We also know that Bakugo has had a positive effect on the children he’s come across (and they’ve also had an effect on him) so it’s not that hard to imagine that he’d do this with Eri to make her more comfortable.

Considering everything that’s been going on with My Hero Academia (especially the manga), it’s nice to get a reminder of the pure content it has to offer.

This image is gonna comfort me for the rest of the year.

Cherry Blossom light novel cover

(Image: Kohei Horikoshi, Yoko Akiyama/SHUEISHA Inc.)

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