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My Brain Is Broken by Andrew Garfield and Oscar Isaac at the Emmys Together

Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield at the Emmys

The Emmys are great for fans of television because we get to see some of our favorite shows take home awards. But other than that, we also get to see our favorite performers all together in one room, and that’s what happened when internet boyfriends Andrew Garfield and Oscar Isaac decided to take some pictures together at the 2022 Emmy Awards so that the internet would collectively break.

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Andrew Garfield and Oscar Isaac were up for the same award, nominated for Best Lead Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie. Garfield was there for his work in Under the Banner of Heaven as Detective Jeb Pyre, and Isaac was nominated for his work in the HBO series Scenes From a Marriage as Jonathan Levy.

Theirs was the first category of the night, and that meant they found out early on that neither of them won; the award went to Michael Keaton for Dopesick, which meant that for the rest of the night, Garfield and Isaac had all the pressure off and were just enjoying the ceremony and making sure to take pictures with all our favorite actors and shows (including each other) because why not break us all?

We got pictures of Andrew Garfield with Succession star Jeremy Strong (who plays Kendall Roy on the HBO series), and from there the night just became one for the fans online.

Was there a reason for Oscar Isaac and Andrew Garfield to hang out together at the Emmys? Probably, they were in the same category. But still, these pictures emerged and suddenly we were all thrown into panic over how good the two looked together.

Did I say out loud that I wanted to find a way for them to work together? Yes. And I stand by it. I would watch Garfield and Isaac working together over and over again and love every second of it.

Then, Isaac switched over to the Succession cast himself because he decided he wanted to break the internet too.

The joys of the internet boyfriends

Award season can be annoying because your favorite might not win, and it just feels like the shows or movies or actors you want to win won’t (and sometimes you’re shocked and your favorite stars take home the big awards and it’s a rollercoaster of a ride). But the real joy comes from seeing everyone interacting together afterward.

Who doesn’t love to take a picture of their favorite actors and tweet it out, screaming about it? It helps when the internet’s favorite boys are nominated and there together, but award shows in general give us plenty of content and images to carry us on into the next award circuit.

So thank you to Andrew Garfield and Oscar Isaac. You might not have been winners last night but the two of you taking a picture together has made the internet winners overall, and that’s what really counts. Well, not really, but these pictures will end up as my phone background.

(featured image: Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images and David Livingston/Getty Images)

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