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Iron Giant Paired With Superman in New ‘MultiVersus’ Trailer and I’m Crying

They knew EXACTLY what they were doing with this.

MultiVersus Superman works with The Iron Giant

The upcoming game MultiVersus, a.k.a., “Now it’s Warner Bros. turn to get in on the Smash Bros. goodness,” just released a cinematic trailer that really captures the silliness of your favorite characters getting together to fight each other because … reasons. The trailer is a lot of fun, complete with team-ups that, weirdly, make sense, and a good visual of how out-of-place characters like Arya Stark or Batman would be when faced with a pie-throwing rabbit and a dude who eats Scooby Snacks.

Maybe don’t throw your Batarang at Bugs Bunny, Bruce

The trailer opens in the Bat Cave with Batman being transported to a strange, new, Smash Brothers-like world as other WB characters show up to begin an all-out brawl. Okay technically it doesn’t start out as a fight, but things do escalate quickly when Batman thinks Bugs Bunny is pulling out a weapon against Arya Stark instead of a carrot. Bugs proceeds to use a pie as a weapon. Shaggy proceeds to use that pie as a topping for his sandwich before going Ultra Instinct mode because the developers know what the fans want.

The trailer is a wacky two-minute feature where WB characters are paired together to fight as a team. Harley Quinn gets attached to the Tasmanian Devil. Jake the Dog turns into a car for Garnet to bounce off of. It’s all the fun, over-the-top silliness you’d expect when you realize Arya Stark is fighting for her life because she sliced Shaggy’s sandwich in half.

Many of the characters featured are ones we knew would be a part of the lineup, but there are three newcomers that hadn’t been announced until now. Velma is seen in the character round-up at the end of the trailer, with the Tasmanian Devil making his debut in a giant tornado. My favorite reveal, however, goes to the Iron Giant.

The part that wrecked me

At the end of the trailer, Superman shows up to figure out what the heck is going on. Before he can finish his “this looks like a job for Superman” line, another Superman shows up—the Iron Giant. This is such a fantastic way to reveal a new character. Considering the emotional meaning behind the Iron Giant calling himself Superman, having him show up next to the Man of Steel, who WELCOMES him with open arms, is both wholesome and brilliant.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Iron Giant’s sacrifice at the end of his movie (spoilers?) is one that still gets me to this day, especially his gentle “Superman” when thinking about who he is in that moment. There is no more fitting partner for him than Clark Kent, and seeing them fly off together was the boost I needed for the rest of the week. MultiVersus will be a free-to-play platform fighter with 2 v 2 matchups. You can sign up for the closed alpha right now, which will run from May 19 to May 27.

(featured image: Warner Bros. Games/Player First Games)

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