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Ms. Monopoly Game Shows the Problem With the Pay Gap, and Men Are Predictably Mad

Mr. Monopoly looking sadly at the water

A board game that shows the inequality in the gender pay gap by turning the tables is going to have angry people flipping their own tables. Or maybe that’s just the case with any edition of Monopoly. Who’s to say? But, the point is, Hasbro is making a Ms. Monopoly where women make $240 for passing “Go” while men only clear the usual $200 for doing the same.

So, you know, the game demonstrates the problem with the pay gap for people who don’t have to deal with it in real life, and it’s hilarious watching the angry Twitter responses roll in like it isn’t something women truly deal with in their real workplaces regularly. But, I guess when you make it happen to a man, they care.

The original game of Monopoly, which was created by a woman and meant to teach children about the dangers of capitalism, has tormented us all for years, ending in frustration and ruined family nights, and now we get to anger men by taking more money! My favorite thing about the shakeup is that many are saying that children are going to get mad over the game as if the original Monopoly didn’t make people mad. The entire point was to teach kids that in order to be rich, you basically have to screw over everyone else by taking their money through fees. But go off, I guess.

The idea seems to be the same with Ms. Monopoly, this time teaching men how unfair the pay gap is by turning it around on them to show that women making more than men for doing the same thing wouldn’t be fair, so why then is it fair that men make more than women for doing the same thing in real life?

Obviously, Twitter is going off because the entire point of the game is going right over their heads.

That last one saying that the pay gap is a personal choice made me want to rip my hair out, but that’s beside the point. As you can see, the idea of the original Monopoly is also lost on these people. Still, some tweets about the new game were great.

At the end of the day, it’s a board game. Who plays by normal Monopoly rules anyway? I couldn’t tell you what the houses or hotels mean. All I know is that I’m a cheap bitch when I play, but now, with Ms. Monopoly, I’m going to wipe the board with the tears of my brothers.

(via CNN, image: WILLIAM WEST/AFP/GettyImages)

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