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The Internet Is Obsessed With This Adorable Survey to Help out Mrs. Porter’s 2nd Grade Class

They just want to learn about surveys and graphs.


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An Indiana schoolteacher made a Google docs survey that asked respondents to answer simple questions like “Do you like Pokemon?” and “What kind of animal do you like?” so that her class could study the results for a lesson on making graphs. She expected a few local responses, but the survey went viral, and has now accumulated more than 200,000. Now it’s your turn.

I often wonder how future historians will parse the seemingly inexplicable things that go “viral” and explode with sudden Internet popularity. At least this is one of the warm fuzzy ones. In a world suffering from scandal fatigue and what feels like an endless barrage of depressing news, there’s something delightful about considering the questions, “What is your favorite activity?” (Available choices: coloring or board games) and “What is your favorite food?” (Choose between pizza or soup.) I think this endearing innocence is what generated excitement for the survey. In Internet parlance, it is so, so pure.

People are also having fun taking sides and being “defined” by their selections.

The 20-question survey towards the goal of assisting second graders is just the balm our bitter, jaded souls require. If the survey doesn’t load for you the first time, try refreshing—it’s been crashing due to popularity. When I think about people all over the world rushing to give a class of 7-year olds their opinion on zebras vs. giraffes, I can believe, for a while, that there’s hope for humanity yet.

[Mrs. Porter’s 2nd Grade Class Survey]

(via Buzzfeed, image via screengrab)

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