Stay inside the circle for 100 days and win $500,000 from Mr. Beast

MrBeast’s 100-Day Room Challenge Is Garnering Mixed Reactions

MrBeast announced his 100-Day Room Challenge on X (formerly Twitter), more of an “experiment” in the eyes of MrBeast to see how far people would go for $500,000. The challenge involves staying with a random stranger for a hundred days in an unlocked room, and if anybody leaves before the hundredth day, both challengers will lose. Rising costs of living make this challenge seem like less of a challenge and more of an opportunity to not pay rent for more than three months.

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Many Twitter users poked fun at the situation and claimed they’d block the door if the person they’re paired up with tried to leave the room. There were people who said they’d do it if the room had a nice bathroom, while some even joked that MrBeast finally got around to conducting his own version of the Stanford Prison Experiment. Hopeless romantic Twitter users even laughed about potentially falling in love with the person they’re cooped up with during the challenge. Delusions and memes aside, some people raised valid concerns over this “challenge.”

There’s no escaping the fact that whoever is going to go in that room will meet and have to live with a stranger for prolonged periods. The door might be open, but screening whoever’s participating in this challenge is important for safety reasons. Some were even quoted to say that it’s a “psychological horror movie waiting to happen.” There were those who took to criticizing MrBeast for proceeding with this despite the possible repercussions, and for torturing people for money and content, among other things. This isn’t the first time that MrBeast has tried to execute a challenge that had some safety concerns. He’s even put himself in danger by burying himself alive for 50 hours as a challenge.

Mr. Beast hasn’t released any video regarding this challenge as of this writing, but a video might pop up once it’s all over and done with.

(featured image: MrBeast YouTube)

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