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Mozilla Stands Against CISPA, First Major Tech Company To Do So

When CISPA passed in the House, we had our first real wake-up call. While many tech companies are staying silent on the matter, Mozilla is the first major tech company to come out and ream CISPA for infringing on privacy and being ripe for abuse. For the most part, CISPA actually makes life easier for most tech companies by protecting them from practically all liability should they share information with the U.S. government, so this opposition is largely in principle as opposed to some sort of savvy business move. Hopefully, Mozilla will help set an example for other companies that are as of yet only tentatively opposed.

Mozilla’s Privacy and Public Policy lead made the following statement to Forbes’ Andy Greenberg:

“While we wholeheartedly support a more secure Internet, CISPA has a broad and alarming reach that goes far beyond Internet security. The bill infringes on our privacy, includes vague definitions of cybersecurity, and grants immunities to companies and government that are too broad around information misuse. We hope the Senate takes the time to fully and openly consider these issues with stakeholder input before moving forward with this legislation.”

This is an important first step to stopping CISPA in the Senate. If you recall, SOPA was having a pretty easy time cruising through the legislative process even after experts started making noise, so Silicon Valley’s relative silence on the issue of CISPA so far doesn’t bode particularly well. There’s been a bit of a lull after CISPA passed the House, but things are sure to — and need to — rev up again as CISPA makes its way to the Senate. Explicit opposition by a major tech company is a good way to get started. Let’s hope this is just the beginning.

(Forbes via CNET)

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