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Writers, Actors Lament That Trump/Biden Presidential Debate Was Worse Than Their Worst Projects

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Remember the times when we could complain about a bad superhero movie and that was the most important thing happening in our lives? Well, those days are gone because after last night’s debate, we now know what something truly terrible looks like. So, sorry I complained about Justice League for so long; you had your good moments. (Unlike that debate. The only good moments were when Joe Biden told Donald Trump to STFU.)

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Writers (and Mark Hamill) flocked to Twitter to share their terrible projects and how they were, somehow, better than last night’s debate after Fantastic Four screenwriter Jeremy Slater shared that the debate was the worst thing he’s ever seen. And again, he wrote the Miles Teller Fantastic Four movie.

Look, this is fun, right? But it’s also terrifying that everything we used to know, the things that used to make us angry online, are now jokes because the political situation has gotten all-consumingly bad. I was not a political person before; I was basically that John Mulaney joke where he says as long as the person was doing their job and there wasn’t constant struggles, he figured it was okay. But now? No one has that luxury, and that way of thinking is part of the problem.

We all have to pay attention and not make that mistake again. So yeah, obviously, making jokes about the terrible Fantastic Four is great, but it also shows us how far we’ve gone, and to be honest, I’m a little upset by it. I want to make fun of Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic. I want to be thinking about how Spider-Man is going to escape being on the run. Instead, I am focused on making sure a fascist doesn’t get reelected. So please, stay informed, stay active, and REGISTER TO VOTE.

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