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The Films of the 2000s, all in Seven Minutes

One can officially no longer make movies in the 2000s.  Let the montage making begin!  Today’s entry comes to us from Vimeo user Paul Proulx.  He says:

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I use what I can get my hands on. I can get my hands on what I own. I own what I like… Furthermore, this is the mainstream list of what I like. I have friends who made films this decade, but didn’t seem appropriate to include them, Savvy?

We can’t disagree with that, considering that we loved the choices he made.  Particularly in the music and voice overs to include.  We’re glad that someone else agrees that juxtaposing the Joker with 1920’s jazz works (for a variety of reasons).  The montage also includes only one well picked shot from the Star Wars prequels.

the films of the 2000s from Paul Proulx on Vimeo.

This montage also serves another purpose: to remind this poster that I still haven’t seen Donnie Darko or American Psycho.  Or There Will Be Blood.  I’d add them to my Netflix queue, but I don’t have one.  I’m going to have to find some time to bring back my impromptu film series: Things I Really Should Have Seen By Now.

Via Neatorama

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