A white man in a white doctor's coat talks with the words "no choice" on screen next to him

Mothers Against Greg Abbott’s Chilling New Ad Takes on Texas’ Inhumane Abortion Ban

The PAC Mothers Against Greg Abbott has released another trademark scathing ad targeting the Texas governor ahead of November’s election. The group has become known for its emotionally evocative commercials and billboards pointing out Abbott’s insensitivity and lack of action on issues that affect all Texans, but especially children. This new ad is no exception.

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The ad is titled “No Choice” and it’s a furious call-out of Abbott’s support for the state’s inhumane abortion bans.

The ad features a male doctor speaking to an unseen patient while performing an ultrasound. “Wonderful, baby has a nice strong heartbeat. Everything’s developing right on schedule,” he says.

“Since this is your first, you may want to take advantage of the free parenting classes we offer,” the doctor continues. “I do need to prepare you for the possibility of a C-section and some long-term health issues. But for now, our focus is baby. And baby looks great. Congratulations.”

As the doctor leaves the room, the camera pans back for the emotional gut-punch of a reveal: The patient is a young girl, possibly not even in her teens. She sits on the exam table with a concerned and confused look on her face.

Text appears next to her on the screen: “Greg Abbott chose this. What do you choose?”

Texas’ abortion ban does not include exceptions for rape or incest. Greg Abbott recently said that’s perfectly acceptable because those victims can just take Plan B.

Just this week, BuzzFeed News reported that a young middle-school-aged child in Florida—a state with a similar ban—was denied an abortion after being raped by a family member and had to travel out of state to receive care. Mothers Against Greg Abbott’s ad is designed to evoke strong emotions but it’s not an exaggeration of what children are facing in Texas under Abbott.

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