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What Did I Just Watch in This mother! Trailer With Jennifer Lawrence?


The new trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s mother! isn’t really a whole lot shorter than other modern movie trailers, but it certainly seems to give away a whole lot less. After seeing just over two minutes of footage, I’m still not really entirely sure what I just watched—which is probably exactly the feeling they’re going for.

The setup is simple: Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem have their quiet life interrupted by a couple, who want to stay in their house for … reasons unknown. They’re strangers … or are they? Why is a picture of Javier Bardem in their luggage? Why does he gaslight Jennifer Lawrence about it? There’s a secret passage in the basement, I think. I don’t know. Things keep filling up and/or being covered with blood. Or rapidly aging and decomposing.

It’s scary, I think? Jennifer Lawrence’s character seems pretty scared, anyway. No one else really does. Why must they torment her? Why is there a wall of photographs burning? Why is Javier Bardem, who seems to be her husband, almost twice her age? I do not feel like I have the answers to any of these questions (except maybe that last one), which is a refreshing change of pace for how most movies are marketed.

Unless this is another Crimson Peak situation where the marketing doesn’t match the movie at all. Then, we riot.

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