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Here Are Some More Holiday Episodes Netflix Can Produce to Bring Us Holiday Cheer

From the streets of Hell's Kitchen to run-ins with the Hormone Monsters.

Charlie Cox-Daredevil

Netflix is giving the Hallmark Channel a run for its money this holiday season, with a full slate of holiday originals and special episodes from shows such as Great British Bake-Off, Fuller House, Nailed It, and, surprisingly, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. (All I want for Christmas is for Hilda to catch a break, okay?) There’s plenty to entertain the happiest of holidayers and annoying the Grinchiest of Grinches. No doubt this will see huge traffic for the site, so next year, to up the ante, there are a few other shows that need their own holiday special. Here are some free suggestions for you, Netflix.

Given that Matt’s Catholicism is a big part of his Deep and Angsty Man Feels, I’m surprised Marvel hasn’t greenlit a Daredevil Christmas episode. Someone is stealing the holiday cheer from the residents of Hell’s Kitchen, and only Daredevil can dropkick them into garbage bins to save the day! Meanwhile Karen leads an investigation that nearly ruins Christmas, Foggy gets ignored again, and Fisk shows up to deliver a very intense, Emmy-worthy monologue about the way Christmas has been commercialized. The episode ends with Matt, looking suitably beaten up, and his friends swapping gifts as “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” plays in the background. Bonus points for a Frank Castle cameo, if only for the sight of him in all his grimfaced glory with a slightly dingy Santa hat perched on his head.

In a more tonally-fitting choice, One Day At a Time is begging for a Christmas episode. Penelope and her family deserve only holiday cheer and good things. A heartwarming holiday special where the Alvarez family—and Schneider, of course—celebrate the season, complete with hijinx from the ever-iconic Lydia, would be an excellent way to shirk the idea of holiday stories mostly being about white upper-middle class families that avoid social commentary in favor of soft platitudes.

Big Mouth, with the musical numbers and all-too-realness, would also be a prime candidate for a holiday special. With mistletoe everywhere, hormones will be running wild. It could also be a bittersweet look at the way your perspective changes on the holidays the older you get, with the tweens and teens dealing with annoying relatives, family drama, and a visit from Andrew’s dad’s associate Susan just to confuse the poor kid. Extra special bonus points for the Hormone Monsters and even the Shame Wizard joining in the seasonal cheer. Also, since Coach Steve probably believes in Santa, that’s a whole plot point right there.

Maybe it’s because I love a good Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin comedy, but Grace and Frankie could use some holiday cheer. The older you get, the weirder holidays become. Not only will the show tackle facing your own mortality around the holidays for a sorrowful edge (even if you live in a perfect beach house, seasonal depression is still a bitch), but both Grace and Frankie, as well as their ex husbands, can navigate a new realm of tradition as they embark on their different lives. Plus, Martin Sheen makes every holiday special better, as evidenced by his excellent turns in every single emotionally devastating West Wing holiday episode, and also the West Wing scene where he calls the Butterball hotline.

And finally, if we’re going all-in with even spooky shows like Sabrina getting their own holiday episodes, let’s go all out and give The Haunting of Hill House a spooky cup of cheer. And by cup of cheer, I mean another episode with only a couple of takes where the family gathers to get mad at each other and dredge up drama. Shirley yells about how they can’t even get through the holidays without yelling. Steve buys everyone terrible gifts because he’s the worst. Hugh also doesn’t do anything. Theo gets wasted on eggnog. Mike Flanagan, please write this.

What Netflix originals do you want to see get a holiday special? Any characters who you think deserve some cheer, or maybe coal in their stocking?

(Image: BARRY WETCHER/Daredevil)

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