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Monty Python Really Planning That Reunion Show

And Now For Something Completely Different

The off again on again promises and denials that have gone along with the idea of a much awaited reunion of the prolific comedic troupe, show, and movie makers may have finally been answered. The Telegraph is reporting that the five remaining living members of Monty Python are planning a get together.

Apparently, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Michael Palin have already been talking things over for weeks, and will make an official announcement on Thursday. From the Telegraph:

It is thought that the Pythons will perform live again, with the potential for a film or TV show to follow. But it it not known if they will be performing old or new material or both.

As the Telegraph somewhat devastatingly points out, with a combined age of three-hundred fifty-seven, we probably shouldn’t expect a live tour from the guys. Especially since it’s taken them thirty years to get their schedules back in alignment (barring some projects where most of them were present. There was a Wind in the Willows adaptation with four Pythons doing voices, and then there was the time four Pythons and Robin Williams were going to get together to make a movie where Benedict Cumberbatch becomes omnipotent after being visited by four aliens voiced by the Pythons.

There’s an alternate universe where that production actually became a real thing, and I wouldn’t mind living in it.

(via The Telegraph.)

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