If You Were Wondering If There Was a Hobbit House in the U.S., You Are in Luck!

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Could you call the American West our version of the Shire? That’s what the Michaels believe, and they’ve built an authentic Hobbit dwelling in the hills of northwest Montana that you can stay in for the very reasonable price of $245 a night. Forget your Holiday Inns and their free continental breakfast — The Hobbit House actually has deerskin slippers … if you want them. But most importantly, no journeys to Mount Doom are required to achieve rest and relaxation. 

Throughout the 20-acre site, surrounding the main 1,000-square-foot Hobbit House, are smaller structures meant to evoke the ambiance and rustic look of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s Shire. This includes “homes” for trolls and fairies and false entrances for other Hobbit homes. But only one of these homes provides some actual living space and amenities, and that’s what will cost you $245 a night.

Kids are not allowed (unless they’ve proven to be well-behaved) and neither are pets. But once inside, you will be treated to your own pair of deerskin slippers that owner Steve Michaels designed to be like hairy Hobbit feet, Gandalf’s pointy wizard hat, and a state-of-the-art entertainment system. So it’s true that it’s not 100% faithful to the time period described in Tolkien’s books, what with those modern conveniences, though we imagine the fully equipped kitchen to be completely accurate. (It’s equipped with WiFi, and electric lighting.) But it’s still a humble little hut in a hill that will let you escape and feel like something out of Hobbit legend. (Without having to deal with Ringwraiths or Gollum or any of those unpleasantries.)

Here is a video explaining more:

If you’re interested in staying at the Hobbit House, allow us to direct you towards their web site where you can make reservations: The Hobbit House of Montana

(New York Times via Nerd Approved)

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