Monopoly 2.0: Monopoly Boards Going Circular with Monopoly Revolution

In 2010, Hasbro’s beloved board game Monopoly is rebooting in a big way: in its newest incarnation, Monopoly Revolution, the board will be circular, the pewter thimble, top hat, and howitzer player pieces will be replaced with translucent multicolored obelisks, and — most sacrilegiously of all — Monopoly money will be replaced with a “credit card” system as the game goes paperless.

Details are sketchy; it appears that Hasbro hasn’t put out a press release. Board Game Geek is usually an authoritative resource on such matters, but their Monopoly Revolution page is currently pretty threadbare, aside from the spartan description “Monopoly with a circular board. No paper money is used, credit card setup is used.”

According to a French blog, Maxigadget (deciphered with the help of Google Translate), Monopoly Revolution will be introduced at Toy Fair 2010, which will take place in New York in mid-February. Teaser screenshots on the site — none of which are really high enough in resolution to get a good look at the board — show currencies in denomination of millions and a property called “Bond Street” next to one called “Park Lane,” both of which exist in the British Monopoly, but not in the Atlantic City-inspired Monopoly Americans know and love.

It’s not clear if these names will carry over to the stateside Monopoly Revolution, but: sacred cows are definitely be slaughtered here.

(h/t Gizmodo. Maxigadget via Google Translate)

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