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Mondly Uses Speech Recognition to Help You Learn a New Language

Learning a new language on your own can be seriously tough — in part because when you’re learning on your own, you’re not getting feedback on how clearly you’re speaking and pronouncing new words. Until now. Learn a new language with Mondly’s speech recognition tool — the Mary Sue Shop has a lifetime subscription for $39.99.

Mondly takes you through core words, teaches you how to form sentences, and helps you learn how to have conversations — all with the help of of speech recognition. As you speak, Mondly will actually listen to your words and phrases and give you positive feedback when you speak clearly and correctly. No guessing whether you’re getting it right.

There are 33 languages to choose from. Learn one for $39.99, two for $59.99, or three for $69.99. Whatever you choose, you’ll be saving up to 94% on lifetime access.


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