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Monday Cute: “Cute” Little Girls Taylor Hatala and Kyndall Harris Bring Their Dance Game Hard


We are now interrupting your weekly furry animal video to take a moment to redefine “cute.” Usually, when you think of cute little girls, you’re not also thinking of the words swag or badassery. Well, this morning, we invite you to hold all three of those words in your heads at the same time.

Meet Taylor Hatala and Kyndall Harris. They’re not even teenagers yet (Hatala is eleven, Harris is twelve), but already they bring a maturity and a high level of competence to their chosen art form — dance. Check out this amazing video where the girls (Hatala’s rocking the bear on the back of her jacket, Harris sports the Adidas symbol) perform some sick choreography to the sound of Desiigner’s hit single, “Panda.”

These girls make me wish I had their bravado and confidence. Next time I have a dilemma I’m facing, I’m going to imagine Hatala and Harris as the two little angels on my shoulder, mean mugging and stomping on any problem that stands in my way. Hell, yes.

Wanna see more? Check out Harris’ awesome performance to Janet Jackson’s “Feedback,” and Hatala taking part in an awesome group dance number inspired by the DC Superhero Girls theme, “Get Your Cape On.” This one’s a little more stereotypically “cute” if that’s what you’re looking for today.

Then, go forth and conquer knowing that cute and powerful can totally go hand in hand!

(via Antoine Troupe on YouTube, image via screenshot)

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