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Monday Cute: Harry Potter Hamsters Are Adorable and Won’t Betray Your Family to Voldemort

Mashable Watercooler continues with their all-hamster reboots of popular movies and shows (see: Hamster Things, and this take on Friends) in this cute new Harry Potter video.

These cute little rodents rescued from Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven, unlike another notable Harry Potter rodent, have no interest in betraying your family to the Dark Lord, framing your godfather, killing your hot new Huffepuff friend, and almost murdering you before hesitation becomes his downfall. The little furballs just want to hang out at Platform 9 3/4, eat some food at the Great Hall, and nibble on some broomsticks.  Nothing bad happens at Hamster Hogwarts (Hamwarts?) and nothing ever will.

Y’know, until you get to the last scene and you see Hammy Potter looking into a tiny Mirror Of Erised to reveal two hamster faces. My emotions. What did you think about Hamster Harry Potter?

(featured image via screencap)

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