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Monday Cute: Fiona the Baby Hippo Reminds Us About the Importance of Dental Hygiene


Happy Monday everyone, here’s a general reminder that dental hygiene is super, super important. Floss and brush your teeth, keep your gums healthy, and wear your retainer. Just check out baby Hippo Fiona from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, who’s thrilled to have her teeth checked!

“Fiona has some new incisor tusks peeking through on top and also some lower dental development,” says the description. “She enjoys the dental check and mouth massage, so it’s easy for care staff to assess growth.”

If you fell in love with this adorable hippo, you can also see her getting used to deeper waters, meeting her parents for the first time, and swimming with a scuba diver. The Cincinnati Zoo Twitter also shares regular updates about what Fiona’s up to, and can you blame them? You have to appreciate Fiona before her tusks fully grow in and she becomes a full-grown hippo, AKA one of the scariest, most aggressive animals to exist on planet Earth.

(via Laughing Squid, Image: screencap)

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