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Monday Cute: Baby Manicure Becomes the Ultimate Fake-Out


It is awesome to see a dad bonding with his baby daughter as he cuts her nails for her. However, this little cutie can’t resist faking her dad out!

Each time the father in this video attempts to cut the baby’s nails, she pretends to cry…but only because she knows it gets a laugh out of her dad every time she does it. What’s funny to me is that before what we see in this video, the dad must have slipped once, the baby freaked out, the dad looked concerned, and the baby…was amused by this? So she faked it the next time to amuse herself? And then, her fakery made her dad laugh, and she totally knows how to work a crowd, so she keeps doing it to make him laugh?

She’s amused by his concern, he’s amused by her pretending to cry. The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree! They’re just lucky they’re both so cute together.

I wonder if she’ll pull this kind of thing when she goes to get mani-pedis when she’s older…

(via Bugle Post on Facebook, featured image via screencap)

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