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Monday Cute: China Reveals 36 New Baby Pandas for Sheer Enjoyment of Panda Cuteness

What’s better than introducing one new baby panda? INTRODUCING THIRTY-SIX OF THEM AT ONE TIME, THAT’S WHAT! Watch the video above with squeeing delight and dream about the day that you too will have the coolest job in the world when you travel to China to embark on a new career as a professional panda hugger.

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Because seriously, these folks who work at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda have the coolest. Job. Ever. They’re basically rolling around in panda cubs all day. Meanwhile, this is me as I watch them:

There were 42 baby pandas total born at the Center this year, which was a record, and they unveiled 36. According to People Magazine, “Instead of introducing the pandas one by one, the center opted for making one huge good news blast by debuting all of the babies to the public at once.” Well, all except six.

Are those other six pandas too cool for a photo op? Are they on some kinda secret panda mission? Have they already begun their training with Master Shifu?

I’m hereby going to spend the rest of the day writing panda fan fiction about a six-panda superhero/black (and white) ops/martial arts/spy team that fights international crime.

Where do you think the other six baby pandas got off to?

(via Jezebel, image: screencap)

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