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New Website Helps Moms Find Work-From-Home Tech Jobs

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You already know women are super underrepresented in tech companies. Stay-at-home moms in particular aren’t hired often, if at all, and that’s a problem. In order to deal with this issue, two women have started a job site that gives women the chance to work remotely in the field, or in any field really!

Katharine Zaleski and Milena Berry launched PowerToFly, a website that gives women the flexibility to work from anywhere and connects them to jobs that suit their schedules and needs. There are full and part-time positions available, and the idea is that women can find something that fits their lives so they won’t be spread too thin from doing too much, but still be able to work and have a family.

The site launched in August and has had tens of thousands of registrations and almost 700 employers, from Buzzfeed (who hired 20 women from the site) to Hearst (16 hires). PowerToFly just launched an app for social networking and news updates.

So what kind of jobs are available? Companies are looking for anything from translators to developers to account executives. The range is huge, not just in tech, but there are definitely a lot of tech jobs needing some talent.

This highlights an important conversation about the workplace: Women still feel pressured to have families and to stay at home once kids are in the picture, which makes having a career difficult. Even if they don’t, companies often aren’t flexible enough to allow working parents to care for their families. PowerToFly tries to resolve these issues.

(via PowerToFly and Wired)

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