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Wild Nic Cage/Selma Blair Horror Comedy About Parents Killing Kids Seems Fake, but It Is Very Real

No, the trailer for Mom and Dad is not a parody, although it seems like the movie itself is probably having a bit of fun mixing family and horror movie styles. It’s also got Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair putting in some amazingly ridiculous performances, which is about 99% of the draw here, and the trailer is understandably doubling down on it.

It features the couple’s kids trying to survive a day when parents inexplicably start turning on their own children in violent ways, and to be honest, if the movie doesn’t make good on the potentially absurd turn of events teased by the trailer’s cliffhanger about the parents’ parents, what are we all even doing here? We all need murderous Nic Cage and Selma Blair fighting off murderous grandparents, so they can get back to their own, previously scheduled terrorizing, in our lives.

This hot pile of silliness made its initial debut at Toronto International Film Festival in September and arrives in theaters January 19.

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