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So Mobius Was FOR SURE Jealous of Loki and Sylvie, Right?

Just be a throuple already.


**Spoilers for Loki episode 4 titled “The Nexus Event” lie within.**

In the most recent episode of Loki, we seemed to watch as Loki found an appreciation for Sylvie which, when you break it down, means he was falling in love with himself. And while that is an entirely different conversation (that we already had), I want to focus instead on Mobius absolutely being jealous that Loki was having some sort of feelings crisis about Sylvie (and, I’m assuming, not him).

Mobius starts by questioning Loki and his work with “the Variant”—asking if they were in working together, trying to get information out of Loki. When that doesn’t work, Mobius decides to lie to Loki and tell him that Sylvie was pruned by Hunter B-15. Loki, with tears in his eyes, acts as if this does not matter to him and even responds with a “good riddance” when Mobius is talking.

And then my little jealous king LAUGHS at Loki, pointing out that Loki clearly likes her, and even throws the question to Loki a second time.

Mobius yelling at Loki

Once Mobius realizes that it’s the Nexus Event that the two of them were “swooning” over each other (and, in reality, holding hands), he continues to mock Loki, calling it a “sick, twisted romantic relationship” and more. But more than that, he throws the word “girlfriend” at Loki later in the same episode. All of this would just seem like someone who was disgusted by Loki and Sylvie’s actions if it wasn’t tinged with Mobius’ own upset over Loki betraying him.

He clearly cares about Loki, clearly wants to believe him, and despite everything he’s been told, does believe that Loki is telling the truth about the TVA and even confronts Renslayer, saying that he was probably a man with a jet ski in his life as a free man. But what I want to focus on is how Mobius does exactly what you would do when you have a crush.

He lashes out. He throws a fit. But he also clearly still has feelings about the situation and isn’t quite ready to let that go. Sure, maybe it’s just Mobius working through the betrayal but as a woman who has had a lot of crushes in my life, Mobius is acting like me whenever my crush either admits to liking someone else or hurts me.

He’s jealous and maybe it’s not romanticized jealousy. Maybe he’s jealous that Sylvie is the one that Loki doesn’t want to betray over him and it’s a friendship thing. I don’t think that’s the case but hey, that’s maybe just me.

I hope that Mobius and Loki have a conversation about these feelings now that they are both pruned and in whatever world they’ve been sent to. I hope they unpack their relationship to one another and I hope that we get to see them grow. Because I still would love to see Loki and Mobius on a jet ski together and maybe just throw Sylvie in for my throuple dreams.

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