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Mitch McConnell Continues to Be the Absolute Worst

Mitch McConnell, the absolute worst, walks through the Capitol Building.

Just a few hours after the mass shooting in El Paso this weekend, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign account tweeted out a picture of a collection of paper tombstones bearing the names of issues like socialism and the Green New Deal, as well as actual people: Merrick Garland, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, and McConnell’s prime 2020 opponent Amy McGrath.

The image was tweeted along with a picture of McConnell, both from the same local event, the Fancy Farm Picnic.

This would have been an unacceptable thing to joke about no matter what, but the timing made it especially disgusting.

Although that wasn’t even the only terrible “joke” to come from “Team Mitch” at Fancy Farm this weekend.

Only the best and brightest on Team Mitch, apparently.

Meanwhile, Democrats in both the House and the Senate are calling on him to reconvene the Senate, which is currently on their summer recess, to vote on urgent gun reform legislation. The House has passed two bills related to background checks (HR 8 and HR 1112) McConnell has had stalled since February, refusing to even hold a vote.

McConnell isn’t likely to end the summer session early, though. He wouldn’t be likely to do so under any circumstances, but he reportedly tripped and fell this morning, fracturing his shoulder. According to a spokesperson, he’s been treated and released and he’s now working from home.

Not everyone is convinced, though. A delightful Reddit thread on the story (which moderators were quick to close) is full of people alternately offering their sarcastic thoughts and prayers and demanding to see his X-rays as proof of injury.

The timing sure is convenient. Lots of people are speculating that he’ll use this as an excuse to not call that emergency vote that’s being demanded. And some are even suggesting he might use this as an out from the Senate altogether.

Honestly, that’s probably the best-case scenario we could hope for. And it’s true, Mitch’s Fancy Farm appearance was probably not what he wanted it to be.

If McConnell is injured, don’t worry about him. Not only is he a terrible human being, but remember, as a Senator, he has incredibly affordable and comprehensive health insurance!

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