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Simone Missick Confirms Misty Knight Will Be Joining Netflix’s The Defenders


Potential Luke Cage spoilers follow. Maybe. Just be warned.

Although Luke Cage has yet to make its way to Netflix, we’re already seeing bits of news come out regarding the show’s new characters. According to an interview between TheWrap and Simone Missick, who plays NYPD detective Misty Knight in Luke Cage, she’s been confirmed as having a role on the forthcoming The Defenders television show. Knight said, “I believe I’m safe to say that I will be on The Defenders. Spoiler alert!”

Fans may already know that Misty Knight is a direct lift from the comics. She’s shown up in Iron Fist, which is currently filming over at Netflix as well. Her inclusion in Luke Cage is likely a helpful springboard to help get us all introduced to the characters of The Defenders, minimizing time spent on exposition in the series itself. It is, after all, a show that’s supposed to bring together some major personalities: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist.

Whether the Misty Knight we’ll see in Luke Cage (and now The Defenders) is the same as the comic Knight remains yet to be seen. But it’s entirely possible that she gains her superhuman abilities through the events of Netflix’s Luke Cage, In short, she has one of her arms replaced with a bionic arm, granting her super strength.

The Marvel Wikia goes on to say that the rest of her isn’t mechanically or technologically enhanced; she’s still human, and thus, her strength is somewhat limited. She isn’t the MCU Winter Soldier, for example, because although their attributes are the same (bionic arm, rest of body human), Bucky was given a version of the super soldier serum that granted him all-around super strength.

All I know is that I’m excited to hear this news and this will certainly make my Luke Cage marathon this weekend all the more exciting.

(via /Film)

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