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Misha Collins and More Drag Tweet Complaining About Face Shield for Pedicure

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Now that some businesses are opening back up (unwisely or not) with social distancing and safety protocols in place, people are finding a whole new way to use social media to show what giant jerks they are. In this case, it was complaining about those same safety precautions in an entitled way (with bonus points for subtle racism). The said jerk was Missi Wimberly, a self-described “Christ follower” from Alabama who objected to having to look at a face shield while getting her nails done.

Missi found looking at a woman being paid to work on her feet wearing a face shield “depressing.” Well, an angel of the Lord came to strike this nonsense down, in the form of Supernatural‘s Misha Collins.

Misha wasn’t the only celebrity coming for Missi’s very bad take on Twitter before she locked her account this morning. Nailed It! host and comedian Nicole Byer had some choice words for her too.

tweet by nocle byter

And a demon joined the angel, in the form of Lucifer‘s Leslie-Ann Brandt.

People across Twitter called out Missi on her entitlement and ignorance, and rightly so. The very fact she wants the Asian woman who is already risking her health and safety to not wear protective gear, so Mrs. Missi doesn’t have to be “depressed” while receiving a non-essential, luxury service, is pretty damned shameful.

Still more absurd is the fact that even before this pandemic made things for people like Missi so “depressing,” it was normal for nail techs to wear protective gear, because, well, feet are gross and they didn’t want bits of nail flying in their eyes. I don’t get my nails done a lot, but I have seen face shields at nail salons many times, especially for when acrylic nails are being ground and shaped, and face masks have always been a must. So Missi was being ignorant on many fronts. And the use of the hashtag “#stopsocialdistancing” is just a whole mess unto itself. Even if you advocate for reopening businesses, keeping a safe buffer between people for the sake of not spreading a deadly pandemic is the least we can do.

Missi attempted to defend herself on Twitter before locking her account, claiming that what the country needs isn’t more fear but, Jesus. I don’t know how effective Jesus is for stopping COVID-19 transmission, so I’m just going to stick to protective gear and doing my nails myself.

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