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Misfits Creator Howard Overman Brings Female-Led Supernatural Show to Netflix

Misfits Creator Brings Female-Led Supernatural Show to Netflix


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If you loved the freshness and sensibility behind Howard Overman’s 2009 sci-fi cult favorite Misfits, then you’ll probably be really happy about today’s news! Overman has created a new genre show, this time less sci-fi/superhero and more supernatural, that will be coming to Netflix, as well as E4 in the UK.

The show is called Crazy Face, and it’s a 6-part comedic series being co-produced by Netflix and Channel 4. According to Polygon, it tells the story of a demon hunter named Amy (played by Downton Abbey’s Cara Theobold) who works part-time at a bowling alley and happens to have the ability to see lingering spirits. She meets Raquel (played by Susan Wokoma from E4’s Chewing Gum), who is a self-taught demon hunter. Together, they start a business and roam the country performing exorcisms. Polygon says, “Think Ghostbusters meets Shaun of the Dead.”

I’m thrilled that the show focuses on the friendship between two young women with the genre elements being more of a backdrop. My only regret is that it will only be a six-part series. Then again, that’s the great thing about British television. The storytelling isn’t stretched out needlessly just to fill an arbitrary number of episodes set by a network. That’s also the advantage of having a show created especially for Netflix, which also doesn’t have that kind of pressure. The story is paramount, which is very reassuring.

Misfits was a revelation of fierce originality despite being entirely dependent on sci-fi/superhero tropes, so I have high hopes for Crazy Face. Will you be checking it out?

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