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Three-Year-Old Is Better at Dominating Mirror’s Edge than at Wielding a Glass of Juice

I hope that when I have a child, he or she is better at jumping across skyscrapers than wielding juice at age three. Now, I love me some Mirror’s Edge. It’s one of my favorite games of all time and I’ve played it through several times. Now I’m not saying that I’m some master gamer, but I do have some skills at that particular title. But this kid just cruises through these levels like he’s been practicing for years. Possible even three years, which is technically the greatest number possible for this little guy.

He also plays Portal, and the video description says he’s even better than the video shows. He does have a tendency to walk around in circles though. Between adorably awkward juice breaks.

This child is destined for great things.

(Via Reddit)

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