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Minimalist Record Player

Who says that record players need to be big and boxy affairs? Surely not designer R.D. Silva, whose minimalist Turnstyle record player strips down to the essential components while preserving functionality.

it’s made up of the motor, the needle, the speakers, and the controls. What more do you need?

The requirements for function set upon this project were the following: spin record, on/off, volume, speaker, and needle. As far as design requirements: no corners, no hard edges, no 90 degree angles.

It’s possible Silva’s design is a little too minimalist — one Yanko commenter points out that “there’s a reason why the base for the record is so heavy – intertia. without locking the record to the motor, when you put the needle down the record will stop and slide” — but the general idea of moving tech away from legacy designs and stripping it down to its barebones components is a very appealing one, and creatively executed here.

(Yanko Design via Neatorama)

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