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Minecraft Socks, the Perfect Footwear for Both Mining and Crafting

About a week or so ago, game developer Notch pointed his massive Twitter following toward Pig Tales, a video about some sock puppet Minecraft pigs. Visitors to the site could enter their own subtitles, but it was clear that something larger was going on. Now, we know the truth.

It turns out that those adorable sock puppets weren’t puppets at all, but socks! Shocking! More surprising is that those socks are now for sale from the Swedish company Happy Socks as part of a box set of Minecraft-related foot coverings. There are three in all, which ship together in a handsome box mimicking the iconic look of the grass block. One celebrates the “natural” beauty of the Minecraft landscape, the second are designed after the pink blocky pigs that roam the digital fields, and the third take their form from the highly explosive creepers.

Warm up your credit cards and read on after the break for a look at these handsome socks.

(Happy Socks via Kotaku)

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