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The Office Writer Mindy Kaling Tweeting Michael Scott Stories We’ll Never See

As everyone knows, the current season of NBC’s The Office will be Steve Carrell’s last, and he is supposedly leaving one month before the season finale. This is significant, of course, because he’s the “main” character of the show, and whether or not you love him or can’t stand even a nanosecond of his screen time, the show most likely won’t be the same without him, leading most fans to wonder whether or not the show can even survive. Regardless of the uncertain future, show writer Mindy Kaling, who also plays character Kelly Kapoor, tweeted some fun Michael Scott ideas that were passed on, or could’ve been in his future had he stayed on the show.

As one can see form the tweets, the potential story ideas can be followed with the #MichaelScottStory and #MichaelScottStories hashtags.

(via Mindy Kaling)

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