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Mike Pence Spawns Trump Administration’s Newest Meme by Ignoring NASA “Do Not Touch” Sign

Come ON.

It’s time for your regularly scheduled break from all of us basically writing “everything is on fire” in regards to all the very serious dangers posed by Trump administration policies, which comes in the form of some more photos from the veritable Meme Team that Trump put together to run the country.

First up, we’ve got Mike Pence making a solid entry into the meme pantheon that so far includes a glowing orb, some ridiculous handshakes, Jared Kushner essentially starring in his own Wes Anderson movie, and other difficult-to-top moments. Pence was up to the challenge, though, in a visit to NASA where he also promised that the United States would send astronauts back to the Moon, as well as to Mars. But true to form for the Trump administration, what we’ll remember most is an embarrassing photo:

There’s Pence, on a tour of the Orion clean room, clearly disobeying the “do not touch” sign on the “Critical Space Flight Hardware” he seems to be trying to make peace with through calming physical contact. (Here’s the original on Getty.) There’s plenty of irony about someone in the Trump administration, particularly Pence as noted above, putting their hands where they’re not supposed to—especially since the Orion capsule is NASA’s crew capsule for actually sending astronauts to places like Mars, so Pence might not want to disturb anything if he really meant what he said.

Of course, the internet had a field day:

Not to be outdone, Trump stepped up his awkward handshake/meeting game with world leaders in Germany:

And yes, one of those leaders trump met was, indeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who Trump met in a meeting that went way longer than scheduled, which also led to this:

What a charming, blossoming friendship. Truly, the only appropriate reaction:

(image: NASA Kennedy on Flickr)

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