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What Is This Middle School-Level Anti-Mask Presentation to Lawmakers From a Trump Supporter?


Donald Trump supporters gather outside of an arena

In 2020, I wish people got as mad about racial injustice and sexism as much as they get mad about having to wear a mask. For whatever reason, the idea of wearing a mask to protect yourself from a literal virus has forced many Trump supporters into this radicalized mode of screaming into microphones at town hall meetings.

Personally, I took the new normal in stride and bought masks that have served as conversation starters as I went through a drive thru, like a Spider-Man mask thad had the lovely employee at Starbucks and me yelling about how Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man while I waited for my drink.

But there are some who do not like the idea of having their “freedoms” infringed on by being asked to put on a mask to protect other people. Honestly, if these people watched superhero movies, they’d probably love masks, because it would make them feel powerful. Instead, they’re racist white people who scream and, I guess, are mad because … we can’t see how much they spit while they shout if they have a mask over their gross mouths?

ANYWAY, there is a new viral video of a woman standing in front of a city council in Ventura, California, who is holding a giant whiteboard like this is a middle school group project, demanding that she not be required to wear masks, and honestly, can’t we just put all these people together somewhere in one of the vast empty areas in our country and leave them there?

The woman in question exclaims that she is a “proud Trump Republican” and asks if you are a “victim or victor,” which is … not normally how that phrase goes? Anyway, the video is absolutely baffling and reads like that school project group where no one actually did their research so they thought, “Let’s just yell our uniformed ‘points’ confidently and hope that fools everyone.”

Her name is Deborah Baber. I know this because she screams it after singing “God Bless America” into the microphone—and being way too close to the microphone. But this outrage is sadly not new. So many flocked to anti-lockdown protests because they couldn’t get a haircut or go out to dinner because of a virus.

It’s just baffling? Like, nothing is being taken away from you. If you get COVID-19, then things might be taken away from you, like your ability to breathe or, in a lot of cases, your life. So, wearing a mask to stop the spread of a deadly virus isn’t unconstitutional; it’s just common sense, DEBBIE.

The world has suddenly stopped taking this seriously, and I have no idea why, but Kumail Nanjiani figured it out.

Don’t be like Debbie. Keep your middle school presentations about your freedoms at home where you should be, because cases are rising and people are being childish and reckless, and I don’t want to be forced to stay inside until I’m 45 years old because people couldn’t be patient in the short term, please and thank you.

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