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Microsoft Once Again Giving Away Free Xbox 360 to Students With Purchase of a PC

Last May, Microsoft introduced a fiendish deal for students that included a free 4 GB Xbox 360 with the purchase of a Windows PC of $699 or more. This year, around the same time, Microsoft is reintroducing that deal. Starting May 20 in the U.S., students who purchase a qualifying PC with a price tag of $699 or more will  receive a free 4 GB Xbox 360. Starting today in Canada, students who purchase a $599 or more PC will receive a free 4 GB Xbox 360 as well.

Important to note, the deal isn’t applicable through every single retailer on the face of the Earth, but it’s a wide enough variety that students shouldn’t have much trouble finding the deal. Participating U.S. retailers include Best Buy,, Fry’s Electronics,, Microsoft Stores, and Canada retailers offering the deal include Best Buy,, Future Shop, Staples, and The Source. In order to take part in the deal, the purchaser must provide some sort of student identification at the time of the purchase.

A free 4 GB Xbox 360 isn’t too shabby, as the console goes for $199 over at GameStop. So, if you’re in the market for a new PC, you might as well strike while the iron is full of free brand new gaming consoles.

(via Windows Blog)

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