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Michelle Wolf Is Every Strong Female Lead in “Featuring a Strong Female Lead”

She doesn't have time for emotion!

Michelle Wolf is feisty! She doesn’t have time for emotions in her sex! She’s under indictment!

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In “Featuring a Strong Female Lead”, Wolf parodies the strong career woman archetype—identifiable by her white suit, snappy one-liners, and the crowd of employees constantly surrounding her so she can bark orders at them (“And can I get a proper cup of coffee cooked in a copper coffee cup, for once?!”). She’s ruthless, but also attractive! It’s also not totally clear what her job is, she never eats, but look she also adopted a child so she’s not totally evil?

Wolf, like a lot of us, is likely also tired of “strong female character” being synonymous with “aggressive woman who never displays emotions”, “lady who can have sex without feeling anything”, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I can enjoy these characters and their catchphrases—but doesn’t it seem boring and uninteresting  when we’re constantly operating with a singular definition of what makes a woman strong? The sketch is a segment from the comedian’s upcoming weekly half-hour series The Break with Michelle Wolf  which premieres this Sunday.

The show will feature jokes, sketches, celebrity guests, and other stuff. Are you going to check it out?

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