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Michael Myers Didn’t Walk Down Stairs in ‘Halloween Ends’ and I’m Sad

In the words of Jamie Lee Curtis: Trauma

michael myers in Halloween Kills

One of my favorite parts of both Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021) is that Michael Myers had to stand in the shadows of a room for hours in order to murder someone. My other favorite part was when Officer Hawkins is screaming after Michael and Michael just keeps on walking down the stairs ignoring him. It’s great I love it so much!

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But what happens in Halloween Ends makes it so that we don’t really get those moments with Michael, and honestly? I’m kind of sad about it! I wanted to stop and think about Michael just hanging out in a room for too long on his own because he had to wait for someone to show up so he could murder them in a dramatic fashion.

The movie did, however, leave me with questions about Michael and what he was up to and so let’s get into a bit of what’s going on with Michael Myers in the David Gordon Green film Halloween Ends.

**Spoilers for Halloween Ends lie ahead**

michael myers in fire
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So Michael Myers has been living in the sewers for like four years and I truly cackled out loud at this development. The town of Haddonfield, Illinois thought they were free of Michael. The reality is that his legacy and the fear that came with it had turned the town against themselves and we see characters like Corey (Rohan Campbell) struggling with the aftermath.

Corey accidentally murdered the kid he was babysitting when he feared Michael the year after Michael’s last Halloween. The kid is messing with his babysitter and Corey, in his fear, throws open the door that he was locked behind and it results in the kid flying off the banister and to his death. That death followed Corey around in his life for the next four years and the town hated him for it because, as someone says later in the movie, they wanted a new villain and Corey was their easy target.

At the end of his rope, Corey ends up falling after some bullies hurt him and he gets dragged into the sewer where it is revealed that that is where Michael has been living for all these years that he’s remained dormant. Yes, Michael is alive and living in the dark sewers like an homage to Pennywise.

How is he eating?

So as always with my questions after the Halloween movies, I want to know how logistically Michael is alive and well. First of all, he’s in a sewer. Second, he’s not as strong as he was and we see that in his fighting styles. Also he maybe possess Corey? Or maybe Corey is just inspired by Michael when he’s at his lowest but the two become almost friends? Actually, it’s more of a mentor and mentee relationship but still, strange!

All this results in Corey really being the one to do Michael’s dirty work and while we do get some epic Michael kills (like stabbing a woman into a panting and leaving her hanging there), the movie doesn’t really give us those moments of Michael in the dark or just walking down the stairs ignoring people yelling at him and I truly do miss it.

I might be alone in this because it’s the way that I enjoy the Michael Myers’ movies and get through them but hey, sometimes you just have to laugh because Michael is like “nope gotta go kill someone else” and ignoring the person screaming at him on a staircase.

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