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Michael Giacchino Brought On To Score Rogue One Post-Reshoots

The composer has also scored the first two Star Trek reboot films and Lost.

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So… it turns out that those Rogue One reshoots rumors may actually have some merit to them after all. While reshoots are often a needed part of any filmmaking process, and not necessarily indicative of any major problems, it looks like the tweaks that had to be made on this movie have led to at least one switch-up in post-production.

Originally, French composer Alexandre Desplat, who has scored several films including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One and Two, The King’s Speech and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, was attached to work on the score for Rogue One. However, when the movie had to go back into reshoots, it affected the “scoring calendar” in such a way that Desplat was no longer available, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Now, Rogue One is turning to American composer Michael Giacchino to churn out a score for the film.

Giacchino’s early composition work included songs and scores for video games before he was first approached by J.J. Abrams to compose for the 2001 TV show Alias. From there, Giacchino went on to write one of his most famous scores for television when he worked with Abrams on 2004’s Lost. Since then, he’s also worked on several Pixar films–including Up and The Incredibles, and most recently was confirmed as the composer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

With his job on Rogue One, Giacchino becomes the first composer other than John Williams to write songs for the Star Wars live-action film franchise–and in spite of the fact that he was somewhat of a late addition to the post-production process, it definitely feels like we’ll be in good hands.

(via THR)

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