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Metallic Taxidermy Creations Are the Stuff of Insane Fantasy

Heffalumps and Woozles

Artist Jessica Joslin has created a collection of imaginary animals using metalwork and skeletons. According to an interview with Hi Fructose, she has had a “cabinet of curiosities” since childhood and was more fascinated by animals created unnaturally. And these are gloriously unnatural.

This is Gustav, and he is not only riding a tricycle, but he might also be part-tricycle.

I believe these are mouse-cats riding dinobirds, perhaps in an alien royal procession.

This little guy was a hit at the circus, mostly because he never had to be fed or cleaned up after.

This one flies and swims, and might also teleport.

And this is what happens when you look into the mirror, turn in three circles, spit into the sink, and say “METAL FANG, METAL FANG, METAL FANG!”

(Hi Fructose via Laughing Squid)

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