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Concept Art for Mera’s Justice League Costume Gives Us Power Rangers Flashbacks

No, I won't say it's fishy. That's just weird.

Just like it says in the headline.

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Today, IGN unveiled the first look at Mera’s Justice League costume. For those who don’t know, Mera is queen of the sea, and wife to Aquaman. Thus, her costume has some very obvious aquatic inspirations, including scales and an overall sleek design. The video shared by IGN goes through the costume designer’s various concepts, progressing through the various iterations until they finally settled on the final version you see above being worn by Amber Heard, who plays her in the upcoming Justice League movie.

All that being said: there’s something a bit… off about this concept art for Mera’s Justice League costume. It’s not outright bad, per se, it just feels very reminiscent of some, uh, lesser-liked costumes featured in some other movies. Specifically, it reminded us all of Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern costume, which was similarly green and glowy and certainly form-fitting (for being computer generated, I suppose).

As well, it bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa costume in the forthcoming Power Rangers. Aside from the obvious shared green color scheme, there are some shiny, metallic spikes present on both suits, in similar locations. Mera’s, however, lends her a bit of a royal/regal air, whereas Rita’s are decidedly twisted, wicked, and evil. All the same, though, they both show that each of these women have an aggressive edge to them, planting the idea that these costumes or suits aren’t just for sitting around in; they’re functional, in a manner of speaking.

What’s bothersome about the concept art is that it features some real boob sock action. I maybe kinda sorta get why they did that (okay, maybe not), but seriously, when will costume designers understand that that’s not how clothes or armor work? In the grand scheme of oddly sexualized movie costumes, it’s not too bad, but still, it’s a tired old trope that needs to be done already.

Speaking of tired old tropes…

Overall though, it’s an interesting costume, one that I’m sure many, many cosplayers are going to have a lot of fun recreating at home. See you at Comic Con, friends.

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