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So What’s the Deal With the ‘Dear Men, What Is Preventing You From Looking Like This?’ Meme?

Steve Rogers shirtless

Sometimes, the thirst is just too real, and new memes are born from it. That’s what happened when one user decided to throw up a picture of some abs on Twitter and ask why men can’t look like that. Sure, the thirst was real, but maybe the memes were better.

The tweet that started it all was simple: Dear men, what is preventing you from looking like this?

It was just a simple, fun tweet, but the reaction brought up more about the idea of unrealistic body expectations. More often than not, we look at the men and women in movies and the public eye and try to have our bodies somehow emulate that. The difference is that they have trainers and money and all the time in the world, where the average human doesn’t have that luxury.

But that’s beside the point—the point being that this thirst tweet blew up, and suddenly, everyone was mocking it or also making jokes, and it was a mixed bag of humor. So, whether it was asking why men couldn’t be Mike Wazowski or Tony Stark … oh wait, those were both mine. Anyway, people just wanted to know why men (and women) couldn’t look like this, and thus, a new meme was born!

See any that you like out there? Let us know your favorite ones in the comment below!

(via Pajiba, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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