For Once in My Very Short Life, I’ve Said “Same” About Melania Trump

Melania Trump being relatable for once

Look, let’s be honest: Melania Trump is just as much an accomplice to her husband and his racist rhetoric as the rest of the family, so mocking her can be fun. We tend to make fun of Be Best, her campaign to stop online bullying, because … it clearly hasn’t done anything, and her husband is the biggest online bully of them all. That being said, for the first time in the entire presidency of Donald Trump, we have finally found Melania relatable.

To be fair, she is looking lovingly into the eyes of Justin Trudeau, and honestly, who among us wouldn’t swoon for the Canadian Prime Minister?

He’s hot, sorry.

At the G7 summit that Trump said he didn’t feel like he needed to go to, he was standing with world leaders surrounding him and Melania Trump greeted Trudeau with the most relatable of looks, while Trump clung to her. Gross.

From there, Twitter went off, giving Melania the meme treatment she probably doesn’t want.

Anyway, let’s not forget that she wore this jacket going to visit detained migrant kids because, while this meme is funny, she’s still just as much a piece of garbage as the rest of the Trump family. (With the exception of Baron and the grandkids. They’re children.)

Please send your best memes so I can forget that Donald Trump is the president and just pretend like the world is filled with memes and superhero movies. Thank you very much.

(image: Andrew Parsons – Pool/Getty Images)

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