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Melania Trump Wants Us All to “Be Best” and Yeah, the Internet Has Some Feedback


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First Ladies aren’t elected officials, but they’re still in a position of incredible power and influence. Traditionally, the president’s spouse uses their platform to take up a specific cause to advocate for. For Michelle Obama, it was her “Let’s Move” campaign of encouraging healthy behaviors, especially in youths. Laura Bush campaigned for literacy. Hillary Clinton fought for health care reform. But Melania Trump has been oddly silent. It was once said that she would campaign to fight cyberbullying, to which pretty much the whole world replied, “Have you met your husband?”

But then Melania’s staff said there was no cyberbullying campaign, and that calling it that is “too focused.” Instead, her work, whenever she started it, would be more “holistic,” and try to help children by looking at “everything they’re facing as a group.”

Yesterday, Melania Trump finally unveiled what would be her actual plan, and, well, it sure does tackle “everything.” The youth-based initiative will center on three disparate pillars: “well-being, social media use and opioid abuse.”

The initiative is titled “Be Best.” Yeah, people have some thoughts on that name, both regarding its grammar as well as its vagueness.

Not to mention the fact that the line feels awfully familiar.

Speaking of things the Obamas did first…

Again, when Melania Trump talks about cyberbullying, people have wondered if she’s trolling us, or maybe trolling her husband, considering being a huge bully online is one thing he really is good at. But Donald’s not the only Trump who’s been less than “best.”

All in all, the Be Best campaign seems designed to make our brains bleed, and in that, congratulations, Melania. You’re being best.

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