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Meghan McCain Is Not an Ally

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While we as a society have a bad habit of holding women accountable for men’s bad behavior, sometimes there’s a fine line between blaming women and recognizing complicity to actual abuse. With Meghan McCain, that line isn’t so fine. It’s pretty freaking clear and solid.

Meghan McCain fancies herself an LGBTQ+ ally. She’s accepted major awards calling her as much. And this week on The View, she mourned the murders of black trans women. “The idea that it’s still a comfortable place for the LGBTQ community in all spaces in this country is just not realistic,” she said.

Meanwhile, her husband was saying–or at least publishing–this:

Here are just a few headlines published this week on The Federalist, the incredibly far-right, trans- and queer-phobic website run by McCain’s husband, Ben Domenech:

  • Lawmaker Accuses Constituents Of Hate Speech For Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour
  • It’s Not The Supreme Court’s Job To End Trans Bathrooms, It’s Yours
  • Dr. Who Writer Claims He Was Cancelled For Tweeting ‘Trannie’
  • No, Defining Men As Men In Federal Regulations Will Not Kill Trans People
  • No, Three Recent Murders Weren’t Because The Victims Were Trans

The Federalist is one of the absolute worst, most bigoted sites on the internet. And McCain aligns herself with her husband’s work—not just by tacitly supporting him through marriage, or by presenting herself as an LGBTQ+ ally while never speaking out against his constant anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry, but by praising his hateful speech.

Earlier this week on The View, the hosts were talking about Prince Harry’s perceived snubbing of Donald Trump, presumably because Trump called Meghan Markle “nasty” over the weekend. Unprompted, McCain decided to draw comparisons to her own marriage.

“Well, I don’t have that problem in my house,” she said. “My husband sticks up for me publicly so I understand Harry. My husband rides very hard for me, so I also appreciate that.”

McCain seems to be referring to her husband’s recent tweet rant against Seth Meyers, in which he called the late-night host a “cuck” and accused him of having “regularly gargled Lorne Michaels’ balls.”

Is that the sort of behavior McCain appreciates? If so, fine, but she doesn’t get to have it both ways. She doesn’t get to call for peace while stoking the hate coming out of her own home.

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