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90 Minute Fan-Made Mega Man Movie is Mega Amazing!

Wow. If you don’t have enough pocket change to see Iron Man 2 this weekend but still want to get a good dose of metal on metal battling action, you are in luck. A few years ago, filmmaker Eddie Lebron announced his plans to make a feature length Mega Man version and, today, his finished product was unleashed on the world. The completed movie is a whopping 90 minutes long and does the little blue wonder more than proud. You can watch the whole thing below.

The movie features all the familiar Mega Man tropes while working as an origin story. We see Dr. Light build both Roll and Mega Man. We see the falling out between Light and a suitably skeezy Dr. Wiley. We see Dr. Wiley create an evil race of robots and we see Mega Man fight them with all his arm cannon-equipped might. We even see our hero get help from his “big brother” Proto Man!

The best part is, this is not a shoddy affair. Every thing from the acting to the score is top shelf and the CGI robots are incredibly impressive. The movie’s easily better than 75% of the video game adaptations that Hollywood shoots out every year. Uwe Boll, take note.

Now, if the upcoming Street Fighter man-made movie is anywhere near this good, this will be an awesome year for Capcom fans!

Here are some images from the movie: below them, you can find the entire movie embedded:

(via Topless Robot)

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